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Caralie is a signatory to the Code of Ethics of the "Union des artistes" (UDA). 

What Makes Us Different

  • Our Personal Page:

    One of the other positive reasons to join our Agency is our website. It's tailored to showcase our artists and give as much information as possible to casting directors and producers of shows so that they're able to see for themselves the extent of the talent of our artists, thus making good decisions. Since the casting photos are important in selecting a first hearing, we decided to include them in the annual fee.

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  • Caralie's Productions:

    Caralie's Productions is an other one of the reasons I try to surround myself with as many artists as possible with multidisciplinary talents.

    Caralie Productions was founded in December 2011 and is already in operation to put on a show in the fall of 2012! Obviously we mostly encourage members of the agency Caralie, so they could be part of this brand new show! Obviously we mostly encourage members of the agency Caralie,

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  • Our Availability:

    Given the size of the agency to an almost "family-like" group, we gave ourselves a mandate to be there for the artists, just like their parents. Overall, since we will will deal directly with parents, we offer them all sorts of professional advise, hearings, training, etc. Communication between the parent and the Agency is required for the association to be successful. In addition, our office is equipped with a mini-studio.

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